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The last semester of this school year I took a Photoshop and Web Design class and decided to spice up my website by desiging a new one. I added several new sections including the FAQ, more photos in the Photo Gallery and info on where to get parts in the Tutorials section. Enjoy!

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The New Sections:

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions :Here you can find the answers to (almost) all of your BEAM Robotics questions.
FAQ - E-mail Help : If all else fails, email me for help.

Tutorials - Robot Tutorials : This section will guide you through the building process of some standard BEAM robots.
Tutorials -Where To Get Parts : A helpful page if your looking for places to get parts to build you BEAM robot.

Schematics - BEAM Schematics : My library of the most useful BEAM schematics around.
Schematics - Add Your Schematic : Here you can add your own schematic to my site.


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