Where to Get Parts

Here is an alphabetical list of the most common BEAM parts, where to get them and their approximate cost. All listed prices are in US currency.

-When the site link is followed by the word "Search:", it means that you must click on the link and then enter the specified word to locate your component.
-When the cost box on the right is filled with a dash (-), it means that an approximate price is not availabe for the specific component because of the large variety found of that component, or because prices vary for that particular component.

Where To Get
Batteries (NiCads, NiMH)
www.digikey.com (Search: "batteries")
Capacitors, Electrolytic (All Values)
www.digikey.com (Search: "capacitor")
Capacitors, Gold (All Values)
www.digikey.com (Search: "capacitor")
Capacitors, Monolytic (All Values)
www.digikey.com (Search: "capacitor")
Capacitors, Tantalum (All Values)
www.digikey.com (Search: "capacitor")
IC Sockets
www.digikey.com (Search: "IC socket")
www.digikey.com (Search: "optoelectronics")
www.digikey.com (Search: "2N7000 MOSFET ")
Motor Driver Chip (L298N)
Motors, Geared
Motors, Pager
Motors, Servo
Photo Diodes (1N4001)    
Resistors (All Values)
www.digikey.com (Search: "resistors")
Resistor, 100K Variable (Trim Pot)
Solar Cells
www.digikey.com (Search: "switches")
Transistor 3904
Transistor 3906
Voltage Detector, CMOS 1381 J*
Volatge Regulators
www.digikey.com (Search: "voltage regulator")

*Other CMOS 1381 Voltage Detectors are also availabe, including C, G, N, Q and U Detectors, by visiting www.digikey.com and searching for "voltage detector".

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